Of Jess and Music
Watched Peter Pan

Peter and Wendy:

remind me of:


Discovered Ed Sheeran at a Snow Patrol concert with my friend and we were just like:

Then he straddled Snow Patrol’s lead singer on stage while singing a duet and we were all:

It ended and he was signing autographs so we turned to her parents like:

But the line was enormous and it was late and it was looking doubtful so we both just looked to them:

And when we left without autographs, I was so tired i got in the car and I was just:


Maybe next time Ed

Ending an argument with my sister

I’m all:

So she goes:


So she’s like:

So I sob to facebook like:

Listening to my ipod

First, I’m just jamming like:

And then it gets a little more intense:

But pretty soon I start:

Then towards the end I finally just:

When people start hating on my crime shows

When people start hating on my crime shows

My advice when watching tear jerker movies…


At first, act like it didn’t affect you like:

Then slightly show it like:

And when you can’t keep it, just cover up like:

but when you can’t handle it too much like:

Locked yourself in your room and finally explode like: